Thursday, October 06, 2005


Ah yes. We achieved the impossible on Tuesday around noon. After having served faithfully for several hours at Monroe Circle Community Center, my wife, Lisa was STARVED. We came up with ideas, Taco Bell, the usual. Then, as often happens, we both get a prompting, possibly from the Holy Spirit, but more likely from our hunger - CHINESE, BABY! Oh yeah. And we didn't just want a small lunch portion of Chinese. I mean this was KING-SIZED hunger. So what better way to feed this need than with not just Chinese, but CHINESE BUFFET.

So we live more on the west side of town, near 933, so we thought "Hey, this is a big town. There must be a Chinese Buffet on 933 right. I mean, this road goes right by Notre Dame." (Note: King's Buffet, by the mall is not our favorite place. Maybe because it was formerly a "Chi Chi's" and the cactuses and sombreros on the walls don't exactly conjure up the richness that is Chinese Buffet heritage.)So, our perilous journey began. So we found a Chinese Restaurant, no BUFFET. Found a buffet, no CHINESE - INDIAN! DOH! Found another Chinese Restaurant, no BUFFET!!! We found Italian, Greek, Mexican, American, and Indian restaurants but NO CHINESE BUFFET!!! We had our mind and bodies set to feed from the never ending trough of MSG!

Should this be so difficult? I mean, let's face it - pretty much on any corner where there is an old restaurant that has gone out of business, a China Buffet has popped up. You've all seen them - old Wendy's, Bill Knapp's, and Burger Chef's - now, tastefully decorated with several statues of Bhudda and a goldfish pond. THESE PLACES ARE EVERYWHERE!!! We had achieved the impossible!! We could not find one! Foiled! And so we dragged our tails back to Casa del King's Buffet (formerly Chi Chi's) and pretty much gourged ourselves on every chicken and rice dish imaginable (yeah, I had a tater-tot or two as well, and an onion ring - authentic Chinese, baby!) The best part is that you get "free" dessert included. Those pre-cut "Little Debbie" ho-ho things are always a treat. And certainly the 4 shades of jello. Yep, life is good - VIVA LA BUFFET!