Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Matter of Pride

I'm writing today to ask your help.  Okay, really, I'm kinda begging for it!  Take a short look at this: 
Allie and Chris Nanni: 737 votes 
Robert Wozny: 430 votes 
Brandon Siegel: 402 votes
 ErinCamilleri: 325 votes
 Paul Phair: 287 votes
 Dr. Rob Riley: 233 votes 
Lynn Ducat: 184 votes 
IdaWatson: 146 votes
 Lisa and Dan Vukmirovich: 24 votes!!!!!!!!

We're in a situation here where I feel like we're out in the community (on billboards and posters).  We're representing our church, Granger Community Church to Michiana, and in actuality, I'm kind of embarassed.  We're flat out in LAST PLACE as of today.  It starts to scare me, since we're not only representing our church, but I think, to some degree, Christians. 

I wonder as people look over the voting stats if they get a sense of what kind of generosity the church shows?  To be honest, it's a pretty rough representation of the sharing hearts that I know from most of the people I serve beside.

I believe that we can show our community that the Church, not just our church, is truly generous!

It's crunch time.  We can't wait any longer.

We need for everyone to pray about what they might do to support this and then act quickly if that's what is needed.

You can vote HERE

We need you!  Your help is critical.  Thanks in advance!