Thursday, August 11, 2005

I can't takes no more!

Remember Bluto from Popeye? In each episode, he would push (often torture) Popeye to the point of saying: "I've taken all I can takes! I can't takes no more!" Every time this came up, it usually had to do with someone that Popeye cared about - Olive Oyl, Pappy, or Wimpy. At this point, Popeye would bust out the spinach, and get down to business. Today at Willow Creek's Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels challenged us to take a cue from Popeye. Is there something that really gets our blood boiling to the point of actually doing something about it. It seems to remind me of James challenge of "Faith without works is DEAD." Bill called it a "Holy Discontent" that he said needed to be fanned into flames. I'm still trying to figure this one out for me personally. Several things come to mind:
  1. I hate lame church services that are irrelevant to people's lives.
  2. I hate that kids at churches are often forced to sing songs that are way over their heads theologically and topically - "Blessed Be Your Name" for Kids? Come on, man!
  3. I hate that there are kids in Africa who will be orphaned tonight because of AIDS!
  4. I hate that kids are often under-challenged to make a difference for Christ in this world.
Just thoughts. I'm simmering on these for a while and asking for God's guidance. Hopefully, for the remainder of my life I'll be, as the sailor with disproportionate forearms might say, "Strong to the finish!"

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Sarge said...

great post. keep it up!