Monday, September 08, 2008

A Day to Remember

Yesterday was one of those days.  If you saw the movie, "Groundhog Day", it was one of those I would feel great about repeating.  

Quick rundown of the day:
  • Slept in.  (Bonus: kids slept in!)
  • Coffee mix was just right
  • Read Bible and praised God for some amazing things the day prior
  • Took a shower/shaved my head - NO CUTS
  • Prayed with Lisa and my girls for the upcoming baptisms
  • Came to church during the 9:30 service and there was ONE PARKING SPOT available!
  • Baptized a whole group of people with Dr. Bob, including my new neighbor Marcie Herman 
  • Between baptisms, hung out with my brother, Jason Miller.  I always walk away closer to Jesus after hanging with him.
  • Completely overwhelmed by the attendance at the 11:30 service and was brought to tears as almost half the crowd came forward to receive Christ. 427 at that service alone!
  • Baptized John Nace.  A special guy with a special story.
  • Felt so loved by our church family and friends who came to watch Anna and Sophie be baptized!  Our friends the Geschkes and Longcors (who came from Goshen) were cool surprises!  
  • Baptized Anna.  I couldn't even get the first words out.  Seeing my wife in the pool and Dr. Bob.  After catching my breath, I was able to finish.  I saw a radiant young woman of God emerge from the waters.
  • Baptized Sophie.  Her sweet, calm responses to the 3 questions about her commitment to Christ.  Then as we lifted her from the waters, hearing the crowd around us cheer.  That was great!
  • Gave each of the kids a cross necklace to commemorate the day.  And they were fully grateful!  
  • Went to Logan's after church and had a great steak, baked potato, and the ROLLS, baby!  Our server, Kaitlyn, was top notch as well.
  • Hung out on the bench outside of Walmart with my brother, Corey Mann.  Great to catch up and hear his heart.
  • Got home and a slew of little girls were hanging out around our house.  Lauren Baker and Sophie got heavily into dressup.  No fights between anyone!  
  • Kids off to bed.
  • Watered our plants outside.  Always a time for reflection on the day for me.  Good time with God.
  • Spent some great time with Lisa
It was a great day.  One of the best in recent history for me.  God is good.


Sarah Koutz said...

I'll make a disc of the pictures I took and drop them by the church this week.

Kristin Baker said...

Hey, I can't tell you how awesome it was to witness you baptize your girls. Hop on over to my blog to see some pics from Sarah K and my "Abba" sighting! : )