Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Song for 1st Wednesday

Hey everyone,

Excited to debut the song "Standing (We Look to You)" tonight at 1st Wednesday. We have a great drama/media that leads into it. Praying that people's hearts are drawn closer to God. That we would hold onto every promise that we read in Scripture. God is faithful and able. Hope you enjoy! Link HERE.

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Tina W said...

I'm glad you had this song for tonight's service. I really like it and you did an amazing job in writing it. I cannot believe how much talent all the different members of the Worship team have. (not to dismiss other groups at GCC, I'm just talking about you guys right now.) It's inspiring and it really means a lot that you all dedicate so much time and energy to make our weekends great. In short - Thank You.

I have to copy and paste what I just finished because our little conversation tonight started me thinking about it. I tried to make it as true as possible while still using the song titles. I hope it brings a smile!


During the "Shadow of the Day" on saturday, I have my "Hands Held High" and feel "No More Sorrow" because I’ve found "A Place for my Head." The "Session"s are always "High Voltage" and even "The Morning After," when I "Wake," I feel ready to move "One Step Closer" in my faith. When the music "Hits the Floor," I feel a power "From the Inside" that leaves all of my worries "Forgotten." I feel like the "Numb" "Part of Me" is no longer "Crawling" in the dark – I’ve found "Somewhere I Belong." Seeing God work "With You" and the rest of the GCC team makes me realize that I’m not "By Myself," I’ve found a place where I don’t have to "Runaway." Thank you for giving me hope that even when it feels like "Nobody’s Listening," and I feel like I am "In Pieces," I can "Leave Out all the Rest" of my doubts because God will never be "Pushing Me Away."

There. I'm done. Take care and have a great night!