Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hey Everyone!

I started this blog to help encourage our friend Jim Zuber. If you'd like to send a posting or prayer to him, just CREATE a new posting. If you don't want you email address printed, I think you can post an anonymous posting. Thanks everyone.


Welshmnky said...

ok blogging explanations 101... we (your readers) cant post only you can. we CAN however leave comments like this one.
ALSO right now you dont have it setup to allow annonymous comments which you should do.


Mark Waltz said...

Here's to a good God who's holding our friend, Jim Zuber, in ways we can't even imagine!
Jim, we're trusting for a full and progressive recovery!

- Mark Waltz

Lori Garwood said...


I'm so glad to hear that your operation was a success and that you are doing well. I didn't know you had lung problems. I can relate, I do to. I bet you love to breath normally, or at least better, again. Take care and all the best. Lori Garwood

Anonymous said...


I haven't met you yet, but I know you have the prayers of many fellow followers of Christ. My Abba bless you, keep you in his hand, and help you to heal!


Anonymous said...


You'd be proud of me. I'm taking my next technology step. I'm blogging! I'm rejoicing at God's faithfulness in your life. I'm thankful that He has answered prayer with regard to finding a donor lung and bringing you through the surgery successfully. I'm giving God praise for helping you heal and providing the physicians and science necessary to make this transplant happen. I'm grateful that this operation will give your family and friends more time to enjoy you in this life. I'm praying that God will continue to help you recover and gain strength and that you'll be up and around in no time. I'm praying that God will give Diane strength and rest and a peace that passes all understanding. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim...i am grateful to Diane for keeping us informed. You have been on my heart and prayer list for some time. I am so waiting to see you walking through the halls here. It sounds as though the recovery is going well. Do what they tell you to do my friend and we will see your smiling face in no time. God Bless you Jim...and thanks Dan and Diane for the updates.
Kim V

julie smies said...

Hey Jim! Can't wait to see you around here again. We miss your face. And don't forget, we also have some wine tasting to do :)

Georgia said...

Dear Jim,
I am so thankful God provided a donor for you. Praise God you are recovering and doing so well. Behave and do what the doctors tell you to do. Thank you Diane for keeping us informed on Jim's progress and being such a wonderful wife to Jim. We love and miss both of you. We can't wait to see your smiling faces again.

Redheaded Heather Curlee said...

YAY Jim & Diane...Id didn't know aobut all of this when I saw you both at that fabu mexican restaurant Casa Del Rio....I am so grateful you are doing well!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted you and Diane to know your friends at GCC are thinking about you. God bless both of you. We're looking forward to seeing you again real soon!

John McClain

Anonymous said...


I haven't met you yet, but I have been praying for you and your family. In everything we can give thanks, and I am thankful you are doing well, and continue on your road to recovery with God speed. God works wonders!

Julie Smith

Anonymous said...


I have been praying for you. I have also been forwarding all email updates to my grandmother, Marilyn. Looking foward to seeing you back in action around GCC soon. God is good!

Jon Crutchfield

Anonymous said...

Aren't we glad that our God is so
much bigger than us and our probs...What a comfort to know that everything that enters our life is sifted throught His fingers first...My prayers are with the Zuber fam. Sherry

Paul Bertha said...

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share your experience, because it is surely through situations like this that healing occurs. Our family is delighted to be praying with you. May God pour onto you a blessing so great that you will not have room to contain it all.

Paul, Amalia, Devlin & Gabrielle

Anonymous said...

Thought everyone would want to know that Jim is home now. He's still using some oxygen, but is expecting to be off of oxygen soon. Praise God! Jim is in good spirits and working daily to increase his strenght. He and his family appreciate everyone's prayers tremendously.

Dave Moore

Jim Zuber said...

Hello everyone,
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your prayers and to let you know that God's love is poured out on me and Diane through your prayers and caring. This experience has been an opportunity for me to realize how much He loves each one of us and to know that He is always there and always provides for all our needs. We are His and He loves us!
Praise God!

Thanks o each of you for your prayers and caring.

It is great to be home again with Diane, who gets a very special thanks for all the super support and love. She was there through this entire experience, even when I wasnn't awake, she was there and God was with both of us.
We still have steps to take. Mine are fewer and simpler right now, but I know they are for a Purpose, because "I"m still here."
Thank you again In His Name

Jim Zuber

Anonymous said...

Good day Simple blogger,
I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I feel that I know you a little better, and that's a good thing. I don't know Jim, but he must be a great guy to draw such love from other people. I will pray for his continued recovery.

Happy blogging,

Kirk...or is that