Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Word-Smith I Am NOT

It's an interesting thing how the mind works. Some people think in images, some in language, others, like mine, think in tunes. I really appreciate people who are wordsmiths, who know just how to craft a sentence for greatest impact. "I have a dream..." or "The only thing we have to fear is..." and then "Ah'll be baack." or "You gotta have the eye of the tiger!" Uh, well, maybe not all lines are completely classic. However, I realize that having a blog means that I'll actually need to work on how I craft words in order to keep the masses coming back for more. One problem is that (my wife can back me up on this) I SUCK AT TELLING STORIES! I either leave out details, get the wrong details, give too many details or get the order wrong. So any recommendations on storytelling recources would be a plus if you have them. With that I'll leave you with the profound thought, "Wherever you're at, there you are." I saw a movie with that, but I forget the detail of the name of it. DOH!!!


Welshmnky said...

poor dan! you're all nervous! Funny how you are totally comfortable in front of thousands when you're on stage, but when you cant see the audience you feel inadequate... "hmm tell me about your mother." -Freud

Hey man, this isn't as tough as you think it might be, just talk about your day, talk about your girls, talk about your wife. I've never seen anyone start a blog with perfect grammar and presentation.

Feel free to suck at the beginning.
That's how we start everything :-)

Baker said...

"Everyone is necessarily the hero in his own own life story." (John Bath)

"No man ever became great by imitation." (Samuel Johnson)

"The principal mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers." (Arthur Koestler)

Translation? Dude, relax and be yourself. Think of this as your finger-printed, DNA, only-Dan-knows blog, and when you doubt that, use it as a conversation with God, an e-prayer (yikes, that sounds creepy)but that's what I do with mine and as Jim Carey said "I lock it a lot!"