Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Anna's First Solo

Anna had a wonderful opportunity last week. She performed her first vocal solo at Darden Primary Center's 1st & 2nd grade concert! If a proud papa can say - SHE DID A TERRIFIC JOB! Such confidence and poise! We're so proud of all that she has done! We pray that God will continue to use this great gift of music that she certainly has. Mr. Copelin, her music teacher, calls Anna his "little star". I pray that this little star's light shines bright. Click here to check out the video. Enjoy!


AmberCakes said...

Anna is so cool! I want to be her friend!

Leah Banicki said...

She had wonderful tone and looked at the crowd! She is on her way!
Good high notes!


Jeff Myers said...

Alright Dan, no more screwin around. You...me....coffee....this week. Get it done!

Kathy G. said...

I rarely invest time in reading blogs, so I'm checking things out today. This is SOOOO cute! I'll be waiting for her young voice to become that of a young lady on the vocal team!