Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baaaaaaack Home

Oh yes...

It's good to be back home. Awesome date with my awesome wife yesterday. Nothing crazy. Just shopping at Plato's closet and Taco Bell for lunch. The strange thing is that after having been married for almost 11 years I sometimes forget how great it is just to hang out with Lisa. I'm so thankful for the blessing that she is to me.

Unbelievable that over the May 13-14th weekend that 833 people committed their lives to Jesus by signing their names on a reproduction of Davinci's Last Supper painting.

My daughter Anna solidified her faith by signing her name. Very cool.

I'm throughly excited to see what Jesus will continue to do in the lives of our sweet daughters. More later.


Jeff Myers said...

Dude, I love ya, glad to see you're back home. I was wondering if you needed help workin on the track for this weekend. i know Angie wanted to through some bgv's in it. Let me know man, I got time

stephanie said...

Welcome back! Tell Lisa I'm thinking about her :)