Saturday, December 30, 2006


Today was the day! I set a goal back on the 15th of July to run 400 miles by December 31st. I honestly should have smoked by this goal in early December, but a wicked stomach flu hit me and then Christmas Eve (with seven services) hit. I finally made it! I'm currently assessing goals for 2007. We'll see where that leads. For right now though, I'm happy to say I MADE IT!!!

Just a little note of interest that it's approximately 400 miles from my house to Nashville, TN. New song idea: Running to Nashville? Hmm... I'll get on that.


Sherry Ingle said...

Good job!!! If you decide to run to Nashville you can always stop at Matt & Emily's for a drink of water before you run home!!!!

Heredes said...

Yo Running Thug !!

Congrats on the 4 Oh Oh !! I remember you telling me that night we had dinner in Atlanta ... I ve been running myself and will set a goal for 07' ! Yet you are the man !! Keep it up and keep us posted ...

Ble blessed and well dressed !


Ps.. thanks for the new year call ... i was out on vacation and got the call late - cya

amberWIRE said...

I love it! You should do a video blogumentary during your run to nashville!

Stephanie said...

I had no idea you were a runner, that's awesome!

ebuford said...

Kudos - when we miss a goal, it's often easier to quit than to go back and finish it.
You Rock!