Monday, January 08, 2007

Tuesdays with Cindy (and Gene)

Here's a pic of my friends Cindy and Gene. For the past two years, Gene and I have had breakfast at Bob Evans on 933 in Roseland. Cindy has been our waitress for about 95% of those meals. Same thing each week: 2 english muffins dry for me (I kick out the peanut butter) and Gene gets his same oatmeal (check out the pic, baby...).

Cindy is a great lady who is raising her teenage kids and working her tail off. She provides great service, but now it has become more than just that, it's a friendship between all three of us.

Gene and I get together to do that Prov. 27:17 thing - iron sharpening iron. It honestly has been lifechanging. The past two years have seen soul revolutions in both of our lives. I'm thankful for God bringing Gene into my life. Good stuff.

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