Monday, June 25, 2007

Um... WOW!!!

I have to say that this year's Camp Adventure was absolutely AWESOME! It was great to have my friends, Corey Mann, DC Curry, and Johnny Keim leading the charge along with Papa B (Mark Beeson).

The thing that struck me most this week was watching the progression of kids' self-consciousness. Monday night, there were a lot of kids sort of "kickin' the tires" to see if this thing was real. Lots of glances to their friends if it was okay to worship God with passion. The great key in shifting this is the example that the outstanding counselors gave. Full-hearted worship, engaged, and passionate. As the week progressed we saw many kids commit their lives to Jesus on Wednesday. At the end of the night we brought out Chris Tomlin's "Party" (which can honestly be a bit cheesy) and it totally worked! The kids and counselors screaming out "We gonna PARTY - I was dead, now I'm alive!!!"

Check out updates and footage on Corey's site HERE.

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