Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Doing One of These with My Kids

Check out: Let's Give Thanks

This website takes cards made by kids around the country and sends on notes of thanks to our troops in Iraq and around the world. They actually send them on printed paper, not just email.

I'm going to take a minute with my kids to send one of these this week. These men and women deserve our gratitude.

Thanks, Michelle B., for the link.


Kristin Baker said...

Lauren and I will do this too. Thanks for the suggestion! I hope the open house went well today and you get some offers soon!

MCC said...

Another website to check out is anysoldier.com. You can search for specific folks in need of stuff. My Girl Scout troop chose a troop of women from Indiana and sent them some items for Christmas along with LOTS of letters and pictures. It's a blessing for both parties.