Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Not to Do When You Want a Job

So I'm in Bed, Bath, and Beyond doing some Christmas shopping yesterday. I'm looking at a set of DVDs that have the relaxation images (fireplace) and stuff on them (we're using this in an upcoming media Christmas Eve; watch for it!).

Right in front of them are those relaxation/massage chairs that everyone loves. Two people, boyfriend/girlfriend are in them enjoying a massage. I'm trying to get past them to look at the DVDs since I couldn't find the one I wanted. I sort of gave them the "I need to get past you" look a few times. They don't move. A sales rep. from the store comes to help me. We both start to look. Again, they don't move.

Frustrated, I look around the other side. Another glance from Dan, "are you guys gonna let me/us in?!" Still, they're not moving. It's then that I realize that the guy is reading a Bed, Bath, and Beyond employment application. Conversation between me and the sales rep at a computer terminal later:

Dan: "You gonna hire that guy?"
Rep: "You wouldn't believe the types we get in here that apply."

My takeaway: Care and concern for others is not something that is part of a job. It is part of the person you hire. Any amount of training, mentoring, etc would probably not have done a lot in that guy's attitude toward others. If he wouldn't go out of his way before he was hired, he certainly isn't going to do that after. It all goes back to character. So important in hiring. Skills are important, but work ethic/integrity/servant attitude - this stuff is what makes a great hire.


Heredes said...

Funny stuff yo !!

Wanna send ya the "embed audio to blog" info -- but dont have your correct email -- whats the best one ?

Heredes said...

also --- you're the only one with an exclamation point on my Link Love List yo !!! You deserve it for rocking out "YESTERDAY" on the T5 - you're my bald Hero for life ;)

Sarah Koutz said...

I spotted that fire in the Culps media immediately and laughed in my head.