Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Friend - Lee McDerment

So, Facebook is cool. And Facebook with God working behind the scenes is even cooler. On a whim, possibly a Spirit-thing, I requested Lee McDerment to be my Facebook friend. Since then, God seems to be putting together a really cool network-friendship-build-each-other-up thing.

Lee is a worship leader at NewSpring Church in South Carolina. (yeah, they stole Tony Morgan away from us, but we're way over it...) I'm looking forward to seeing what God will do through this friendship. It's my belief that artists NEED to be in community. I think the reason that satan can bring down so many of us is that the artistic temperment leans toward a degree of solitude in order to create. Solitude is good, but isolation is not. We as artists need other artists to refine us, recalibrate us, and often rebuke us. I'm hoping that friendships like mine and Lee's can keep me seeking God all the more.


Lee has just released a CD entitled, "A Matchlight in the Dark". If you like the sound of Steve Fee, you'll love this. Jason Hoard, Fee's producer, also helped Lee make this recording.

Check out the sound clips on his website or you can buy the CD here.


handsnfeet33 said...

congrads on the new friendship bro. haha, I'm officially a fan of Lee as of 1:12pm :)

aaron dewinter said...

Nice prelude this weekend.