Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vocal Masterclasses - FREE!

I've recently been viewing a set of free vocal masterclasses which have been helpful to me. Now, this set of classes is not your traditional way of studying. Nor is it coaching in the traditional form. It is more about song choices and presentation.

As you view these singers, you see high energy (WOW) and lack of energy (aw...).

There are three coaches.

I would listen to this one to a good degree.

I wouldn't listen to this one really at all.

I would take to heart everything this one says.

I think it is a must view for contemporary vocalists. I am encouraging my team to check this out every week in order to make our performances and worship that much more excellent. As we consider the fact that excellence honors God and inspires others, we must do our part to bring excellence to the stage. This includes WATCHING and LEARNING from others.

One of my favorites from last night HERE.


J Aquila said...

Now if you could just get the majority of the team to buy into the program!

Although, if any of them are as skeptical as I am on taking advice from Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, you may be in for an uphill battle.

Songcat said...

My favorite last night was Carly. I do agree with Simon pretty much every time. He is right on. It's funny how the others give him such a hard time - for t.v. I know. But sometimes the inside jokes get to be disturbing to the purpose of the show.
Michelle B.