Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Years (and 3 days)

I just remembered that it was five years ago on August 24th that I came to Granger Community Church to be "Pastor of Music and Drama".  Since then, my role has evolved to drop the "drama" part of the title.  Kristin Baker is much more capable than I and is running point on an amazing drama ministry.

Five things I've learned in these past five years (I've learned a lot more, but this is a blog you know):
  • It's either about Jesus or about me; it can't be both.
  • Prepping to lead worship is much more than musical - it's "on your face time" before God 
  • The team outperforms the individual in the long run, everytime.
  • The three P's of ministry with volunteers: PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE.
  • Key friendships are just that, KEY.
We've grown so much here.  I'm thankful for 5 great years.  GCC is a great people to be part of.


Sarah Koutz said...

Congratulations Dan! You are a fantastic leader. Keep serving like Jesus did.

Kristin Baker said...

Congrats on 5 years, and thanks for that awkward conversation in your office three years ago that started this whole crazy adventure! Praying for you dad. See ya soon.