Saturday, August 23, 2008

Creating Space

This morning I had the chance to have my monthly breakfast with my daughter Anna.  We head to Bob Evans restaurant on or around her birthday date each month.  I stole this idea from Mark Beeson about a year ago.  She ALWAYS gets the Little Farmer's breakfast (which is quite the deal for $3.00).  I ALWAYS try to LISTEN with both my EARS and my HEART.  Making the space for this is crucial to me in really knowing my daughters well (I do this with Sophie too).  

This particular morning was great since we had a chance to wander the campus of Notre Dame as well.  Through a few comments that Anna made, I was able to literally hear her heart.  Knowing what my daughter is going through allows me to be much more specific in my prayers for them.  I have a focus for this next season that I will bring before Christ daily, on behalf of Anna.  I'm fully expecting God to do some amazing things in this area of her life.  

Without the breakfast and the time to just pull away from everything that distracts - TV, computer, cell phone, etc - I would not have had the opportunity to hear this.  I'm grateful for Anna and for the time we intentionally spend together.


Sarah Koutz said...

Dan, I love that you do this. It reminds me of the 4th Monday dates my sisters and I had with my dad. Our church would go roller skating every 4th Monday. Part way through the night, my sisters and I would stop skating and join Daddy for some junk food and stories. Some times I miss those days.

amberWIRE said...

Dan! The "special days" I had with my dad are very precious memories to me. There was something incredible about having all of his attention for an hour over breakfast. Anna is blessed to have a dad like you!