Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Mix Around

My wife, Lisa, and I are Diet Coke addicts.  Yes, you can say "that aspertame'll kill 'ya!", but we're responsible for boosting the local economy by purchasing fountain Diet Coke.  Note that we still are fans of cans ("that aluminum'll kill 'ya too!") but nothing beats a good 'ole fountain DC when you're thirsty.  

So, we have an unsaid rating system in our heads as we move around town as to which places have the best mixes.  The mix is an art form, we believe.  In fact, McDonald's (our favorite mix) has a standard special blend for all McDonald's across the country.  So here's how it breaks down locally:

Top 5
  1. McDonald's
  2. Sam's Club (we love the cafe' ladies there as well)
  3. Speedway (particularly the one at Edison and 23)
  4. Chick-Fil-A (the owners, Kathy and Brian go to GCC!)
  5. Phillips 66 at Day Rd & Fir (you can choose cubed or crushed ice or BOTH!)
Anyone else as anal-retentive about their fountain drinks?

Great Wikipedia article about the history if you're interested... yeah, I'm a geek!

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mary said...

I thought my crazy girlfriend and I were the only ones who obsessed about where we get our diet cokes! We dislike Burger King cups...and if I have cans at home it seems to melt the ice in the cups faster...or is it just me? Chik-Fil-A has the best Diet Dr.Pepper, but their cups squeek in the holders in my car :) Life is sooo difficult...