Monday, October 30, 2006

There is No "I" in Meatloaf...

Yep. GCC's team at Hope Rescue Mission did it again. About 20 meatloaves, mashed potatoes, corn, eggs, cookies... oh yeah, good stuff! They helped serve 116 hungry people on Sunday evening. We had a great time meeting some new people and reconnecting with some old friends. Anna, Sophie and I had the great privilege of serving alongside some of the following faces:

Susie Peters and Two Eggs. Nice.

Anna, Soph, Me and Six Eggs. Nice X 3.

Vernard and Al. Two dudes who work down at Hope Rescue Mission.

Mr. Bob, Soph, Anna and 7 dozen Eggs. Nice x 84.

Site leader, Richard Measell. Nice apron Richard!

The BOSS (in a good way) of the kitchen and site leader, Nancy Measell. We love you Nancy!

Ingrid helped keep the supplies coming!

Connie serving up the salads. Two cukes, two tomatoes, raisins, cheese and lettuce. Yum!

Dick and Susie were really great. Keep shining you two!

Resident, Philip, getting the cleanup work done.

And finally, the line that got it done! Great work everyone! So great to serve with you.

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AmberWire said...

Hi Dan!
I love seeing these great pics from Hope Rescue Mission!