Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Howdy ya'll, from Catalyst!

I'm down in Atlanta getting ready for Catalyst '06.
I think I'm the lone person attending from the GCC staff this year. I'll try to keep up with the play by play. Now I'm not promising Corey-league reporting here, but I'll do my best.

Weather is awesome - 80 degrees. Flew down with Steve Miller (no, not the old school rocker - the old school bank man - yeah, Jason's dad).

Tomorrow, I'll be part of the Pre-lab session with Reggie Joiner (founder of
Familywise) who is highly influential in family-based ministries. Familywise is a pretty cool tool for parents who are looking for some structure in integrating faith into the everyday.

Then, I head into Lab sessions, hopefully discussing how the church can influence and help shape culture. More coming soon.

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the official blog of aaron dewinter said...

Glad you made it down ok.
You're in for a treat! Keep the posts coming, I'm listening.