Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the Little Things

Finding God in the little things:

1. My daughter Sophie riding her bike without training wheels. Realizing that day after day is literally a "letting go" (as I let go of the handlebars) of my kids. Putting them in God's hands.

2. Installing a drop ceiling with can lighting in our basement. Every step completed is a mini-celebration for Lisa and I. Painting done. Yahoo! Grid set in place. Yippee! Lighting installed. Hurray! Lighting actually works and hasn't burnt the house down. Hallelujah!!! Reminds me of creation, when God took a moment between steps to say "it is good". Enjoying the fruits of His labor.

3. Walks with just my wife and I this week. Realizing I got the best woman in the world for me. She is simply awesome. And I love her.

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Kristin Baker said...

I know what you mean about celebrating the little victories of home improvement! We are almost done in our basement. After ten years of working in the corners of tiny apartment living rooms, Cody finally has a space that helps instead of hinders his work flow. God is good! If you have time, check it out on Cody's blog: