Monday, July 02, 2007

What Friends Do

So I'm on this journey to discover on a deeper level the meaning and signs of friendship. Being a natural competitor, I have often seen friends as "the competition" - not helpful in making friends. So I asked God the other day to show me more about friendship.

He answered.

Anna is still recovering from a tonsillectomy. Surprise. Ding-dong. Anna's friend, Sarah, brought a sweet present of a Webkinz dog. First, it was a great gift. Second, Anna had been wanting one. Third, they can play together since Sarah also has one via the internet. The days of kids talking through open windows to their buddy next door (think the movie "Big") are a-changing. Example one of friendship.

And then my good friends Gene and Mary brought a cool art thing for Anna to use as another gift. Two total surprises in one day. Not that friendship is all about gifts, but, the right gift at the right time for the right reason can show a lot of love. Friendship is cool.


amanda said...

We, too, have been blessed immensly by our friendships. 'Crisis' or not, just knowing that there are people praying for us and caring for us is such a blessing. And the gifts are just an extra bonus! :) The challenge for me is to turn around and bless someone else in return. I hope I'm doing equally well at that. :)

Kristin Baker said...

too sweet! another cool sign of friendship is encouraging e-mails about how they're excited about working with you... not sure where I got that from... : )