Monday, July 30, 2007

One Day Workshops

Today is one of our One Day Workshop days at GCC. We're doing a Maximizing the Arts workshop within this. A little lighter turnout than normal with only about 13 people, but still should be fun. My bros, Jason Miller and Trace Rorie (yeah, that's him above, the one with the good hair...) get to do our Developing a Worshiping Church session.

I always look forward to networking with other churches at events like these. It's a little humbling to consider that we have any influence in how people across the country do church. For whatever reason, God has decided to entrust us with this responsibility. I pray we're faithful in that call.

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Kristin Baker said...

Great job today. It takes a real man to admit he did the Elephant Love Medley with his fly down . . . now that's a servant heart . . . seriously, you guys all rock, and I'm unbelievably lucky I get to hang around brilliance four days a week. Hopefully some of it will rub off on me like a bad case of ringworm . . . ya know, minus the itching . . .