Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to School Fun

Very fun. New teachers. New friends. Very exciting!

AND, Mom's working in the building as well! God is good.


M77 said...


You have NO idea how long it's taken me to find your name! LOL I'm a retained pastoral search consultant. I'm working with a church in NC (UMC) that's looking for a worship pastor. The senior pastor at that church asked me to figure out who you were and give you a call to see if you could give us a referral. Your a hard man to find. =) Anyway, could we connect via telephone tomorrow? My email addy is chip.hagler@m77staffing.com shoot me a line if you don't mind and we'll figure out a time to connect. Thanks!

Kristin Baker said...

Adorable pics. Lauren starts preschool on Monday. Yikes! Maybe we could get the time-stopping guy from Heroes to keep our kids from growing up too fast!