Monday, August 20, 2007

Mr. 37

Yep, today is the day. 37 years old. A card from my daughter, Anna, gave me my new title of "Mr. 37." I'm liking it.

I'm officially getting middle-aged. Kinda like a fine wine, hopefully getting better with age. I feel a heck of a lot younger than I used to. Maybe since I was a high school teacher in my twenties, I was trying to seem older to earn the respect of students. Now that I'm running with a younger bunch, I'm wanting to live as young as possible.

Here's another card from Sophie - check out the "Rolling Stones" T-shirt she drew on me.

Very cool! I love my family!!!


J Aquila said...

Happy B-day Bro.

amanda said...'re only 37? I thought you were at LEAST 35 back when I had you in high kidding! I had no idea you were so young're only 6 years older than the senior class I was in your first full year at CHS! Crazy!
Hope you have an awesome day. The girls did great on your birthday the soul patch on Sophie's card! :)

Heredes said...

Yo yo yo !! Danny V is getting old!! Congrats bro ! Hope you had an awesome Birthday! It's been a blessing to know ya and to keep in touch all this time - cya soon !

Heredes said...

Hey Dan ... I use a mac software called COMIC LIFE - its easy simple and fun... peace out