Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Over 600!!!

What an awesome weekend! Over 600 people gave their lives to Christ during the 5 services at GCC. Amazing!

Highlights for me:

1. A 90 year guy, named Homer, missed the message to go up with everyone else and ended up walking through during the last song!
2. Seeing a couple, who are no longer together, both go through the doorway.
3. Watching another couple, breakdown in tears over their decision. I had a chance to meet up with them at Walmart after and they couldn't say enough how much our church has helped their family.

Can't wait to see the highlight video coming soon.

Check out the 10:30am service here until 8/12. Click on the last weekend's service icon.


Heredes said...

Wow man ! Thats amazing ! God is in the house fo' shizzle !! ;)

all day said...

that's awesome Dan-so glad God's doing an awesome thing at Granger