Monday, February 04, 2008


Okay, so I have a brilliant friend. Let me be clear here. BRILLIANT! Not just a smart guy, but brilliant. And he's barely 20 years old! He has recently designed some software that we use at Granger Community Church to project our words. It's called iWorship. We looked at other presentation software programs and were not satisfied. So Albert decided to write his own. Below is a screen shot:

If you work at a church, and need some cool software that LOOKS GREAT and is intuitive for your volunteers, then check it out HERE.
This is available via download from Apple. Or contact him directly at Check it out!


jeremyscheller said...

This is really nice. I demo'd it. I've been waiting for a truly mac solution.

Anonymous said...

it does look nice, but we found this amusing:

Anonymous said...

that image is funny.

We use ProPresenter and immediately noticed the resemblance.

This is a nice looking app, but we can't afford another $500 for worship software, and we're happy with what we have

David said...

Wow, that link above is hilarious! No doubt brilliant at basically copying the ProPresenter interface which has been around much longer. Other than a slight rearrangement of some windows, I wonder how those guys must feel about Albert knocking off their design? Does look nice though, just not new or original.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why that image comparison is 'amusing' If nothing else it just goes to show how much nicer iWorship looks.

I really don't see how you can say that iWorship is 'ripping off' ProPresenter's interface. Look at the other programs like LiveWorship, MediaShout, etc. and you will see the exact same similarities. Song library, video panel, slide area, etc. There are only so many ways to design an interface for something. The interface, in my opinion, is a night and day difference from ProPresenter, especially when you sit down and demo both products.

Really ... the two programs do absolutely the same things. Give me a break! Oh look, PowerPoint and Keynote look exactly the same! Apple must have ripped off Microsoft and just re-arranged their design!

Dan Vukmirovich said...

I agree with the last comment. There are essential windows/panels we need to "get 'er dun". Of course there are similarities, but take the chance and demo iWorship and I think you'll find it worth it.

Matthew Broms said...

Matt here from Renewed Vision (makers of ProPresenter). I was just pointed to this blog by a customer. How about this...

What Albert has done is great - nice work. Definitely give it a try. If you prefer it, then don't hesitate to buy it. Do whatever is best for your organization for there's a much more important goal at hand.

Let's just keep it objective and leave the inflammatory remarks out of it - they serve no purpose. Comparing facts is fine, but exaggerations and/or misrepresentations should be avoided at all costs. Evaluate both and judge for yourself. I truly hope you enjoy which ever solution you happen to purchase.

Anonymous said...

I actually used to work for MediaComplete, the makers of MediaShout. In reply to the comment above about the interface comparison, I disagree. There are MANY ways to rearrange the interface and approach the presentation UI. MediaShout is VASTLY different from the others, as is EasyWorship, and ProPresenter.
I DO agree with the fact that iWorship/ProWorship is walking the line (and in my opinion, crossed it) in resembling ProPresenter's UI. The layout is the exact same, except for the fact that the "backgrounds/media" is on top and the foreground elements are on bottom.
MediaShout looks NOTHING like this and is in a script window mode with many small apps delivered in tabbed windows that you can hide if you want.
EasyWorship looks completely different as well.

I also see another red flag in the name. iWorship was a direct rip-off (whether intentional & realized or not) from Integrity's iWorship video/media content brand. The change to "ProWorship" seems like a rip-off from ProPresenter.
Not trying to make negative remarks, but it is what it is.
It should also be noted that "i/ProWorship" was started b/c it was compared to ProPresenter 2, which is an entirely different program from ProPresenter 3 (and version 3 was out a year before iWorship was released). It's very deceiving.

again, it is what it is.

and I second Matthew Broms.... leave the personal attacks out of it. It will get you no where except down. and everyone should try out the options and choose which the best one for your local church.
My choice is ProPresenter.

Dermo said...

Do you happen to know what's happened Albert's site? Is Albert okay?

He has been very very helpful right from the word go with ProWorship and it was shaping up into an excellent product.

I just noticed today the site is no longer there.