Tuesday, February 26, 2008

System of Prayer

So I had this feeling that I wasn't giving my people the proper prayer support that I think they're due. Let's face it, as people involved in leading worship, we're on the front lines of attacking the devil's strongholds. So I thought about praying more for my people. This led to some inconsistent prayer as I was running, or just thinking about them. More frustration.

As an artist, I really need systems to keep me going. I'm thankful for deadlines (though I sometime loathe them!). So, I decided to create a prayer system for myself. I've written in my journal a column of people from our music team (and their spouses) and then another column of our arts team staff members (and their spouses). I take two people from music and two arts team people and pray for them on a given day. The next day two more from each team, etc. This gets me through my whole music team in about a month and 2x through my arts team. I realize this is not earth shattering, but maybe helpful to some of you who lead arts teams.


Jesus did it in John 17. He prayed for his disciples and then all believers. "That they may be one..." A good reminder for us. Especially if we have any concerns about unity on our teams. Pray like Jesus did. From experience in a couple situations recently, PRAYER WORKS!


Sarah Koutz said...

You should check out the book Praying in Color. I was amazed how much it stretched my prayer life. You might find it pretty interesting...or just weird.

Kristin Baker said...

Awesome suggestion!

Don said...

you are precious. I want to personally thank you for praying for my family.

Sherry Ingle said...

Dan-thank you for being a man of prayer...it is just one of the many reasons I am thankful GCC has you as one of our worship leaders!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Dan! God is working in and through you.

Gene Ort