Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Way Things Should Be

The Superdome reopened last night as the Saints won. I'm not the biggest football fan, but when I watch what this game means to New Orleans and to our country, I'm moved. I realize that something is inherently "right" with the Superdome being rebuilt. There is something inherently "right" with people gathering and expressing joy amidst a region that is still devastated.

When I see U2 and Green Day get together to perform to benefit musicians in "the Big Easy", I think, "Yeah, it should be that way."

I'm reminded that in Revelation, Christ speaks to John and says "Behold, I'm making everything new." I realize that we as members of His body here on earth - the Church. We are responsible for this recreation. We are part of this Heaven to Earth movement that is called "The Kingdom."

It's kinda cool that we can see an example of the "the Kingdom" coming through "The Saints." God is cool...


Anonymous said...

you've got cooler blog posts than me.
amen, brother. amen.


the official blog of aaron dewinter said...

I second that! It was amazing to see, hear and taste a bit of the love in the air. It was amazing (wether they know to aknowledge it or not) that God was all over that stadium Monday. I mean you could see the joy and celebration on all the fans and players faces and it was more than thier team winning or a cool event.