Friday, September 14, 2007

Midweek Service Recap

Last night was a challenging night. We're still in the BIGGER THAN series for the New Community. Rob Wegner, my good friend, challenged us with a strong message based out of Psalm 72 about care for the "alien, the fatherless, and the widow."

Our setlist:

God of Justice - by Tim Hughes
I love this song. I love its lyrics. I love the melody. I love everything about it, except I don't love how I play it. I think this showed a bit last night. A little bumpy start musically, but I think God was still honored. (That is the goal right?)

Lay it Down - by Dave Lubben
Simple song with a simple message. I find it interesting that in the chorus "I surrender it all to You" is sung intwo different ways for the word "all". I think the song works well though. During this we vamped (hung out) on a chord for a while for a chance for our crowd to reflect on what their part might be in engaging the cause for "the alien, the fatherless, and the widow." I'm getting more comfortable doing this. I love for our people to have a chance to break away from the group and hear from God one on one for a moment. Jason Miller, my worship leader brother, is really good at this.

You are the Light - by Steve Fee
We did a direct transition into this from Lay it Down which I think was effective. Both songs are in G and in 6/8 time which worked well. Plus the lyrical content really helped us focus on the topic with words like "the hopeless, the broken, the poor, they will be hopeless and broken no more." Great melody. So singable.

Running with Your Heart - by Charlie Hall
This song has that 80's new wave (remember that term) feel. It has abrupt changes which can discourage clapping, but it's message is so strong with possibly some of the strongest commitment lyrics of the night "we wanna feel what You feel, love what You love, go where You go, that's what we want." Our team did a good job with it considering that our drummer Dustin Brown hadn't heard the song until 5:45pm that evening.

Offering - My Glorious - by Delirious
A pretty standard version of this. More of the Passion version that Chris Tomlin did than what Delirious does.

Just want to say that I love having a keyboard on when I'm leading from acoustic. It gives me so much more room to not have to play every minute to fill in sound. Leah, you rock.


skoutz said...

I have to say I love God of Justice but it is a tough one. Tricky stuff, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. If we wouldn't have done that song I would have been very angry!

Brittany said...

Hey.. can you guys do "Marvelous Light" sometime soon? I love it! Plus "Mighty to Save" :)

I love this church!