Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Recap

Series: Stand Alone Message
Topic: Let's Talk About Love
Speaker: Dr. Bob Laurent
Worship Leader: Trace Rorie

Check out the service HERE

The weekend was a "stand-alone" for us, a thing we haven't been doing lately. We used to do a lot more of 1 or 2 weeks in between series when we built more hard sets. When we did take the break, we used to see a reduction in momentum. A break is alway nice, though.

Who Do You Think I Was? - John Mayer - oh baby, this one gives Dave Taylor, one of our guitarists, a chance to explode! Very high energy. I'm glad Trace picks this prelude every so often.

Worship Songs:
God is Great - Reuben Morgan - A high energy starting song. It always seems to encourage clapping, adding to the energy. I love the way our drummer, Jeff Myers, plays this one.
Everlasting God - Lincoln Brewster version - A pretty straight forward version of this. Trace and I have spoken how we'd like to get a track going on this one that Lincoln uses.

A great reminder of "love busters" and "love builders". Dr. Bob's strength is always authenticity. His final story about forgiveness with his mother brought many tears to audience members (including me!)

Why Women Don't Marry? from Eagle Brook Church. Perfect illustration for Dr. Bob's point on getting too comfortable with your mate.

Special Song:
Always Love by Nada Surf - What a perfect set of lyrics to close out this service. A difficult song that Trace did a great job with.

I'm proud of our team. Even on an "off" week (not in a series), we still kept the excellence factor high. I'm looking forward to our Heroes series starting next week.

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skoutz said...

It was a great weekend. And I will second your thoughts on Jeff's playing God is Great. The first time I heard the song, I didn't really like it. I've decided it was because the drummer didn't add any extra energy. He just kind of sat there. Jeff...not so much!