Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Weekend Recap

Speaker: Mark Waltz, Pastor of Connections

Series: The Office

Message: Balance: Myth or Reality?

Attendance: 4522
For a Labor Day weekend, we seemed to have pretty good attendance for this third installment of "The Office" series.

Prelude: We started completely RANDOM by doing Green Day's version of The Simpsons Theme that they performed for the movie. Very fun.

I picked two songs around the TRUST theme. As we deal with overload, we need to realize that our God is trustworthy to help us amp down our lives without everything falling apart.
Awesome is the Lord Most High by Chris Tomlin - we sing this in G instead of Chris' original A.
Let the Praises Ring by Lincoln Brewster - we've done this song for a while but this was the first time with the fun Irish jig-like solo that our guitarist, Dave Taylor (aka "Mr. Chops") completely rocked out.

The Brotherhood - a drama by Willowcreek that we've done before. It got a lot of good laughs but yet pointed out such great extremes that it allows people to see the truth of when we live out of bounds in our work life.

Song Special
9 to 5 by Dolly Parton - yeah, you read that right! We added my wife Lisa to the end of the drama as a secretary to make smooth segue between the drama and the song. BGVs by Laura Waltz (Mark's wife) and Courtney Helman added nice energy. If you listen online, you can't hear my piano (sorry about that), but an odd thing happened on our 7:30pm service where my keyboard somehow transposed itself a half step down. I was play F's while the rest of the band was playing F#'s. NOT GOOD in music! Luckily, both Dave and Brian Warrell (our bassist) adjusted by playing a key down ON THE SPOT! Nice work gents!!!

Mark challenged us to rethink balance and the fact that it's not possible. It's what you value that has to find its way into your calendar.

Great quote: "There is more to life than increasing its speed." - Mahatma Ghandi

Also, great action points of fill in the blanks about putting our values into action.

Song Special
In the Middle of Me - by Todd Agnew
I tried out the grunge on my voice. Not so good feeling, but I think it came off pretty well. Luckily it wasn't too high! Fun, groovin' way to end the service. Nice job everyone. You all are amazing to serve beside!

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