Monday, September 10, 2007

Baptism at the Cove

What an awesome move of God yesterday! We had an incredible time with around 400 people getting baptized.

Highlights for me:
1. Herman - the first guy to get baptized at a young 90+ years of age. He's the
guy I wrote about in the Doors posting.
We thought his name was Homer back then, DOH! :)

2. A mother/daughter pair where I could just really sense the Holy Spirit's
presence as he helped these two confirm in their hearts that this following
Jesus thing is for real.

3. A young boy, Jordan, who is 8, giving his WHOLE life to Christ. I can only
look back and see how I squandered my first 22 years living for myself. This
boy has the rest and best of his life to give. Awesome.

4. What a great privilege to be part of this church. God seems to have His
hand on us. I pray that we are a faithful people. Faithful to the
responsibility with which He has entrusted us.

News story from the South Bend Tribune HERE.


skoutz said...

What an fantastic day!

Heredes said...

AWESOME BRO !! stickin awesome!