Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Burning Bush Moment

I had been praying about the idea of having a mentor come into my life. I even told a friend about this who has been praying for me. And so a couple of days later, I'm walking past our bookstore past the doorway and BAM! - something (someone - the Holy Spirit, I think) told me to turn and look. There in the new releases section I saw
The Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro from New Hope Christian Fellowship in Oahu, Hawaii. So I bought it for myself and my friend Gene. Having read it. My recommendation: GET THIS BOOK! Simple. Straight forward.

Especially if you need to get back into the Bible, or you've never really gotten into the word regularly, this book can help. Or if your church is looking for ways to help people become self-feeders rather than being fully dependent on others for their spiritual growth, you should check this out.

Wayne uses a Bible study technique called S.O.A.P.

S - Scripture
O - Observation
A - Application
P - Prayer

With a Bible, a journal, a pen, and a Bible reading plan, you can be mentored by the people in the Bible and learn from their victories and defeats. The cool thing about the system is that you can do it with others and then discuss what you learn. It really can make a difference in spiritual development. I'm seeing it work already after only having used this technique a few weeks. Let me know what you think.

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aaron dewinter said...

Cool. Thanks for the info. I'm buying it.