Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Van Halen-icious!

Oh baby! Van Halen with David Lee Roth after 22 years! It was awesome!

My ears are still ringing and I had ear plugs in!!! It was freakin LOUD!!!

I went with my brothas Corey Mann and J Aquila. Much fun.

A little dinner at PF Chang's - yes, the search for Chinese food perfection continues. Their Mongolian Beef was good, but I'd put Mandarin House up against it for half the price. Love the atmosphere though.

Awesome set list from the boys. Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie's 16 year old son, really did a great job with the bass parts and a mondo amount of BGVs that Michael Anthony used to supply.

They used an "S" shaped stage that ran from the top (near the massive video screen) into the audience. Cool old-school lasers that lit up the room. Confetti and discoball at the end.

Set highlights:
Started with You Really Got Me
Beautiful Girls
So This is Love
Running with the Devil - awesome
Dance the Night Away
UNCHAINED! Yes, amazing!
Everybody Wants Some
Hot for Teacher
Finished with Jump

We commented on how we felt that David Lee was a bit "on a leash" put on by the VH brothers. Not nearly as commanding of the stage as we have seen in the past. Though it felt more like a group.


Kristin Baker said...

Glad to hear you guys had a blast!

J Aquila said...

Ears still ringing. What? How much for that Large Pepsi? Did you say $5.50 ?


cody baker said...

OK cast your vote... which Van Halen do you like better; David Lee or Sammy Hagar?

Dan Vukmirovich said...

I'm a little bit Davey... I'm a little bit Sammy too. Though I think I like Dave's songs the best, I really dig some of the newer stuff. Van Hagar was my very first "rock concert" back in 1986.