Saturday, October 06, 2007


The past few weeks have been a Culps-a-thon! Because of 2 performances we have been working like crazy lately on Culps stuff. Each night one of us would ask, "Honey, what do you want to do?" and one of us would reply, "We should practice the Culps."

First, We performed the Culps for our Innovate conference last week with a lot of new material that we haven't done before. It seemed to go very well. When we came out to perform, there were already shouts and applause. We got done and felt like we really nailed it.

Then, last night we had a special performance of the Culps for a group of AFLAC employees at Swan Lake Resort in Plymouth. Quite a different crowd. Their reaction was such that as soon as we got done with this one Lisa said to me, "I think I'm going to kill myself!" Yikes!
Learnings from last night:
1. These people had no reference for us - relationship can make the difference in
2. Our sound system stinks!!! - It distorted throughout - Good sound matters!
3. We had no lighting - people couldn't see us - so much of our communication is
visual. Good lighting also matters!
4. Don't do a comedy sketch during dinner when everyone is eating.
5. People did laugh, and the host was pleased - so all in all it worked out okay.
It was just the contrast between Innovate and AFLAC that was hard.

Our friend, Cher Goggins of MerryMe Productions who does weddings and events hooked us up with this gig. We were really impressed by her ability to pull off a cool 70's party feel. If you're doing an event, you should get a quote from her. Amazing.

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Sarah Koutz said...

You guys make me laugh.