Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kid's Book on Autism - VERY COOL

We have some really cool people that are on our teams at GCC. One of those people is Meagan Church. She is part of our drama writing team and is pretty amazing. She just recently published a book for kids on Autism called "Unique as Pete". This is a really cool concept and helpful to so many families that are affected by Autism. Check out the summary from Meagan below:

The first in its series, Unique as Pete: How Autism Doesn’t Mean Different, has been created to entertain and educate people of all ages on autism. A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to support the Autism Society of North Central Indiana, South Bend Chapter (ASNCISB) and their efforts to open an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy center in the South Bend area. We are very excited about the book and we hope our work will help many local families in their dealings with autism through the ABA therapy center. We also hope it will educate countless others – from children to adults – on what it means and doesn’t mean to be autistic.

My wife, Lisa, has been working in an classroom for autistic pre-schoolers this year. It has been a great journey for her. She loves her kids and is continually amazed by the progress that these children make. A good book to support. Way to go Meagan!


Sarah Koutz said...

I'll be checking this book out. And this is Autism Awareness month. There was another children's book on the subject released this last week I believe.

I'm not going to lie, these are my favorite students to teach!

Anonymous said...

Well sometimes you never know what you'll find when you google someone. Drop me a line sometime.


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