Friday, April 18, 2008

Maximizing the Arts

We're excited today to present Maximizing the Arts - a workshop for anyone interested in leading/doing/creating art for the church. Our fearless leader, Butch Whitmire, will start the day. He lays out the basic philosophy for using the arts at GCC. Later, we get into programming, worship, and finish the day with a session on things we're learning.

I like this final session a lot, because I think it lets everybody know that WE'RE STILL IN PROCESS! Sometimes, the bigger or more influential a church gets, the perception is that they've arrived. This is so NOT TRUE! We're trying to figure out solutions to problems every day. We may have a few more people around and maybe a few more resources, but we still have tons of issues to solve. We're still dealing with people - and that is always beautifully messy! Our hope is to help other leaders by highlighting some of the issues that we're dealing with. Looking forward to a great day!

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MCC said...

Ms. Jen from the Jungle room mentioned that your daughter may go to church camp this Summer. I have one the same age that would like to go, but wants to know at least one person there. Have you guys decided to send her?