Friday, April 25, 2008

Step Up and TRAIN

Been reading Dallas Willard's "The Great Omission" - God's perfect timing in my life right now. Amazing stuff. I've often struggled with the idea of "training vs trying". John Ortberg's book, "The Life You've Always Wanted" covers this quite a bit. We can't only TRY in the moment. We need disciplined TRAINING over months and years to handle whatever comes our way. Dallas has a great quote that I think is the challenge to anyone who leads (especially church leaders):

"But only constant students of Jesus will be given adequate power to fulfill their calling to be God's person for their time and their place in this world. They are the only ones who develop the character which makes it safe to have such power."


Let's do it - TOGETHER. Be watching as our church takes steps toward this in the coming weeks and months.

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MCC said...

I talked to Ms. Jen tonight, she mentioned that your daughter was excited that mine is going to camp. I'd love to get them together. Have Lisa email me for a playdate!