Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What a Team!!!

We finally MOVED! And what a great team we had over the two day process! We had a Special Ops (smaller) team come in on Friday and knocked out a great deal. Gene, Rob, Dustin, Ben, Sherry, Kim, Kelsey - you guys were AMAZING!!! Food from Nancy R.!

Then on Saturday (with perfect weather) we had the big team come and finish the job. We got done so fast (thanks to my wife's great packing) that we ended up setting up the entertainment center, the bedrooms, and kitchen.

As we experienced the love from people over these two days, we were overwhelmed by God's goodness. So many people with great hearts - willing to serve. I captured those moments as what the church really looks like. Like in Acts where the believers shared what they had and made sure those in need were helped. We were in need and WE WERE HELPED! Praise God!

Thanks to: Ted, J, Angie, Sarah, Brian W., Brian G., Buster, Michelle, Nancy, Dan, Harold, Don, Bill, Cody, Randy, John N. and John L. Not to mention great food from Nancy L. and Marge!

We are so blessed. Thanks everyone for your love and kindness.


Don said...

We love and appreciate you! It was an absolute JOY to help! When I got home, my knee was so sore I couldn't walk up the stairs! (i have no idea why) So I spent a lot of time on the couch, remembering good times! But then by the next day it was perfect again. You guys are terrific and CONGRATS on your BEAUTIFUL HOME!

aaron dewinter said...

So where is the new VukCasa?
Did you guys wind up in Mishawaka?

Sarah Koutz said...

Talk about some good times. You guys are so awesome. Thanks for letting me join in the fun. Let's not wait until someone moves to hang out again!