Sunday, May 11, 2008

Birthday Crashers??!!!

Mark Beeson inspired this post as one of those weird "doo-doo-doo-doo" (cue Twilight Zone music) moments.

Okay, so I've heard of wedding crashers. I've heard of party crashers, but BIRTHDAY CRASHERS!!!?

Our family was celebrating Sophie's 7th birthday at the mall. Five of Sophie's 1st grade friends and her sister all were there. We went to Build-a-Bear and had a great time. We then proceded to the food court in the mall to have pizza and then cake. So we finished our pizza from the pizza place there ($18 for one large pizza - I wouldn't recommend it-BTW), and got out the High School Musical cake. Just as we're doing this, a nice older lady (pictured above) stopped by. Here is the run down of the conversation from that point on:

Lady: "Oh! Somebody's having a birthday!"

My wife, Lisa: "You bet! Sophie's turning 7!"

Lady: "Congratulations! That looks like a nice cake."

Lisa: "Thank you."

(awkward moment of pause)

Lady: Do you think I could have a piece of that cake?

(my wife's wheels spinning in her head)

Lisa: Sure! You can have a piece of cake! What's your name?

Lady: Mary's my name.

Lisa: Here's your cake.

Mary: Do you think I can have a cup of that Sprite too?

Lisa: Um... Of course.

So our friend Mary sat with us for about 15 minutes (between 2 seven year olds) and ate her cake and had some Sprite. One of the funniest things was watching the kids on either side of Mary. They were just eating their cake and stealing glances at Mary. I could see their brains ticking "does not compute... does not compute..." (check out the smirk in the girl sitting next to Mary!)

It was one of those weird moments when you say something like Mark said, "ZOW!"


MCC said...

Must be something in the air. I had something strange happen to me at GCC this weekend too.

Although it's pretty strange, what a great example your wife was to all of those girls.

amberWIRE said...

What a hilarious story! I love it! Haha!

Janell said...

Zow, indeed. At least she asked and didn't just help herself like Pastor Mark's "friend." Kudos to Lisa for being kind! I agree with mcc, that was a great example.

Sherry Ingle said...

That's awesome...that party could have been the highlight of Mary's week! Lisa just may have helped her to take her "next step....."

Anonymous said...

Am gonna try and be gracious here. I know Mary and unlike you and I, she does not have the benefit of having a family to share life's joys and heart aches with and its my hope that God uses people like you and I to extend the family love to them. I don't wanna make you feel guilty or bad in any way but this lady is a special needs adult and may not have fully understood "crashing a b'day" and you saw it. In her innocent eyes, she said hi and you guys were nice to her and she instantly bonded without knowing where bounderies in human relationships are drawn.
You never know who you encounter in this life............It could be Mary, could be an angel, could be the devil himself or Christ, but whoever it is, never make them next laughter line when they are not there to make their case.
Have a great week and say thanks to your gals on Mary's behalf.

mattmetzger said...

dude! i think that is so stinkin hilarious! It's awesome how you all handled it too. kudos.

mattmetzger said...

oh, now i look like a jerk cause i didn't read the comment above. I will say (in my defense) that i didn't think SHE was hilarious. I think the situation is hilarious. My wife and I have a hobby of looking for humor in situations (not in people) and this stuck out as one of those situations.
In your defense, I didn't feel like you were posting this as a way to be unkind to mary, but again, to highlight an amusing situation.

Dan Vukmirovich said...

Gonna leave this as a funny situation. No intention to ever poke fun at Mary. Just the circumstances. Our kids dealing with an awkward situation was the funny thing to watch. Thanks for the great reminder. We are all "entertaining angels, unaware". :)

Anonymous said...

According to "The Shack" Mary could have been God himself/herself!

- Heather Novak