Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prayers Needed!

We're pretty excited. On Thursday morning at 10am, Lisa (pictured above before a hot date a couple years ago :) ) has her first interview with the South Bend schools for a position opening next year! We've really been praying over what kind of job, which school system, all of this. Lisa has taught 5 years in the Coldwater schools, up in Michigan (where we're from). I'm not lying here when I say SHE IS SO TALENTED as a teacher! Our prayers are that God uses her to bring His light wherever she lands.

A few areas of specific prayer:
  • feeling comfortable in the interview setting
  • having composure to think 
  • being able to be herself and not say words that aren't hers
  • that the interviewer(s) would be relaxed and encouraging 
Thanks everyone, in advance, for praying!


amberWIRE said...

I wish Lisa was my teacher! Anyone who doesn't hire her is a fool!

Sherry Ingle said...

Prayer? Consider it done!!!!

aaron dewinter said...

What's the status? How's it coming?

Dan Vukmirovich said...

Today is the day we're supposed to hear, Thur. June 5th. Keep praying! Thanks.