Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why I LOVE our Volunteers

Why I LOVE our volunteers:
- they often work 2x as hard as people who could get paid
- they serve with JOY!
- they are the first to encourage one another and our leadership
- they get/breathe/recast the vision of our church
- they understand that they are a PART of the bigger picture of what God is doing
- they know that it's really not about them, but about others
- they go the extra mile to make something good, GREAT!
- they give around 15-20 hours of volunteer time every weekend that they serve
- they challenge me to take my leadership to new levels in order to serve them well
- they simply are the BEST around

Here are some pics from our weekend celebrating volunteers, including smooth stone award winners Leroy King (vocal team, Heir Force Band team leader, MC3 teams), Dalene Stuteville (drama team, drama writing team), and Brian Warrell (weekend band team, Heir Force Band, First Impressions Team).


A friend of ours overheard a comment from a person behind them coming for the first time. They said to their friend, "I'm glad your brought me here." Love that!

Another friend of ours brought her husband for the first time who was burned by church in the past. Sunday afternoon he asked her, "Honey, what are we doing this coming Saturday?" "I dunno? I was thinking of going out with the girls," she replied. "Oh, 'cause I was hoping that we'd go to GCC as a family this Saturday." God doing a thing. I love it!


Michael Bruneau said...

The "broadway medley" you guys did this weekend was awesome. It was great to see my bandmate David Taylor play the role of one of the "Green Thumb Team" munchkins. *LOL*

Sarah Koutz said...

This weekend's service was incredible. The medley was awesome. You and your team nailed it. Great work.