Sunday, January 11, 2009

FOOD DROP '09 - Family and Friends

I had the great chance yesterday to serve at the Food Drop '09 where we feed literally thousands of people in one day!  Unloading boxes of food and personal care items from Feed the Children and then getting them to people and food pantries across Michiana.  What a privilege!  What an honor to be the hands and feet of Christ.

I got to do this with my family.  This is our first year of actually going to the apartments where we could deliver the food face to face.  I think it was a great experience for my girls; putting a face on the boxes that we had loaded in years past.  We are praying for the people we delivered the love of Jesus to.  For Wes who lost his job 5 months ago.  For Sky who wants understanding in her family.  For Paul who wants to move forward and not stay stuck in a rut.  Our family is praying for these people.

I also got to do this alongside friends from the GCC Creative Arts team.  These crazy people give me life.  I pray for them and I know they are praying for me.  I love doing life with them.  It is so fun to serve with people you really love!

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