Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Great American Germ Exchange

Maybe it's because I was a teacher for 8 years that I always notice this. Right after Thanksgiving, massive amounts of kids get sick. I finally put it together. Thanksgiving is not only a great time to give thanks and gather with family, but it is truly the "Great American Germ Exchange"! Families that are normally spread apart and building up resistance to regional germs, now SHARE THEM with their cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Parents take note in the next few days if this happens. If I'm right, we'll see more kids sick in the next week or two.

Okay, now you can go buy some more Flintstone Vitamin C for you kids to keep the germs away. Go, go, go! :)

Tips to keep your family safe HERE

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Sarah Koutz said...

And of course it is the worst time of the year for students to get sick. I can't afford to have any more students missing rehearsals!