Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekend Recap Nov. 24-25

Series: The Thing from Another Planet
Message: The Stories That Keep You Awake at Night
Speaker: Mark Waltz
Worship Leader: Jason Miller


Chariot by Gavin Degraw
This is a great groovin' song. Jason Miller, my brother, does a great job with it.

Worship Songs

Blessed Be the Name - by Matt Redman - I liked this in the key of A rather than the typical B - easier to sing
Another Worship that I honestly can't remember. (I didn't write it down! Sorry Jason!)

Campfire Stories by Jeff Petersen with script by Kristin Baker
A lighthearted script with a great group of our actors. This was a challenge to tape, considering that we needed it to be outside because of the fire (duh) and the fact that noise is very difficult to filter out while taping. The media guys did a good job of keeping the light consistent and moving the story along. Our actors had some great facials and reactions to play out the spoof.


The Stories that Keep You Awake at Night
What an enormous amount of info that we threw at our crowd this weekend! We covered from birth to college years and allowed each of our key leaders in these areas to comment. Not to mention that we let our crowd text in questions. And then we had a few additional video clips to help drive home the points, from kids and then a good interview of Shelley Brasseur who is the mom of a high schooler. I saw the 5:30 message on this one, so I'm sure that things got smoother as we went. I'm so glad we have great people like Corey Mann, DC Curry, Georgia Fawcett, and Jason Miller leading our kids and young adults.

Song Special:

Proud Father by Jon McLaughlin
Leroy King, our "soul man" did a great job with this touching song. I love it when Leroy can really own a song and deliver it with heart-felt authenticity. I think this is critical to meaningful communication. Almost, like a method actor, singers need to connect with the part of the song that is their own voice and live the song from there.

Looking forward to Let it Be... Christmas this next week!

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