Saturday, November 03, 2007

No Blogging = Crazy Life

Literally, every time I sat down with one blog thought in my head last week, I had to do something else! Yeah, yeah, I know that we prioritize what's important. So here's life in a nutshell last week.

- finish off Men's Retreat
- help program our Christmas series - a lot of meetings!
- squeeze in Halloween stuff
- do 2 assemblies for North Liberty Elementary School - Thursday AM
- install a new vanity, sink top, and faucet in our bathroom remodeling project
- rehearse and get ready for this weekend's music
- sleepovers last night with our friends the Wegners

Yes. I had some things that took priority over the blog. So, I'm back. Just letting y'all know.

1 comment:

Heredes said...

welcome back - I was getting worried ;)