Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Recap Nov. 17-18

Series: The Thing from Another Planet
Message: The Brain that Wouldn't Die
Speaker: Rob Wegner
Worship Leader: Dan Vukmirovich
Attendance: 5,770


The Blob by Burt Bacharach
THIS WAS FUN! We took a great risk by actually using a vocal track behind this one with the words "beware of the blob it creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides...". Having our talented sax player Jeff Kamp around also was great.

Worship Songs
Everlasting God - Lincoln Brewster arrangement - very standard
Awesome is the Lord Most High - Chris Tomlin - also very standard

Drama/Music Element
Overture for Moms - performed by my wife, Lisa
This was a highlight of the service for me. So many words. We found it on YouTube here, and my wife MEMORIZED all those words! Yeah, we listened to the song about 300 times - literally! I think the crowd really loved it.

Rob Wegner did a fantastic job using "the brain" of Mark Beeson to teach us many great, practical points on parenting. Quantity time/quality time go hand in hand, etc.

Stage Props
put together by our own Mike Schaeffer and team
Everything from a Jacob's ladder and dry ice, to massive beakers with anti-freeze, we had a primo mad scientist's lab. Great work Mike and team!

Mad Scientist produced by Jeff Petersen
A great green screen laboratory set up with Rob shouting "It's ALIVE! It's ALIVE!" When Jeff wants to make something look convincing, man, can he do it. It looked REAL!

The Brain/Beeson Kids produced by Albert Martin
A floating Mark Beeson head gave us words of wisdom with some fun interactive effects that Rob acted out on stage. This was a great "sticky point" that Rob talks about a lot. Things that people remember. Then the interviews with the Beeson children about how they were parented. Great kids who speak very well. Mark and Sheila have done a great job with these three.

Song Special
Watching You by Rodney Atkins
Performed by uh... Me :)
The great thing about this song was that I got to wear a cowboy hat! Okay, more than that I had the chance to sing great harmonies with my wife and Faith Stevens. Plus, the fact that I got to sing the words, happy meal, buckaroo, scoobydoo, and camo pants in one song! That's country for you. Great story song, I must say.

Looking forward to our next series - Let it Be...Christmas!


Rob Wegner said...


You and Lisa were amazing this last weekend! By the way, part of your post was info from a couple weeks ago. You had the title listed as "Leeches." Thought you would want to know. I only make about a zillion mistakes in my posts. Most of them I have to go back and fix multiple times.

Sarah Koutz said...

Lisa nailed that song! It was awesome. I just have to say I used the expression "What?!" more in this service than any other.

Kristin Baker said...

Lisa was amazing! I tried to start a standing ovation, but there were too many men in the audience . . . and the county song at the end . . . I was crying like an idiot in the back row. Good thing I sat in the back row . . .