Monday, January 28, 2008

House Hunters

Hey everyone,

We're looking for some help. We need to find a home. Here are some of the things we're looking for:

- PHM Schools
- 3 bed/2 bath minimally
- $180K max
- close to GCC - obviously

We're on everyday. If you know of anyone with any leads, let us know. Thanks so much.


Heredes said...

I'm selling my place ... what do ya say huh ? It's a 3/2 1,600 sq ft. by a golf course ... with NO SNOW - Ever!

we'll talk about the price though ... for 180 you'll get a 1/1 in a flood zone. :)

Sherry Ingle said...

Are you looking for "sale by owner" homes? My daughter in law is a realtor and has some listings in Granger that you might be interested in...let me know if you'd like her number.

Sarah said... in MHO is the best best search engine for houses because you can search by school district or even by township and specific neighborhood. You just search: a Cressy Everett person will never bug you-just pull the address or MLS number and give it to your realtor.

jordan said...

If Granger is looking to hire... I would come buy your house.

jordan said...

MCC said...

These are both in Harris Crossing subdivision off of 23. They have both been on the market for a few months and are anxious to sell.

They both have sidewalks!!!!